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Beaufort County Mugshots: Thursday, January 5, 2017 — 2 Comments

  1. do u all see how many people r driving without a licence drunk !we need stop n frisk! someone id gonna get killed!police have to start more check points all around b.c. this way there not pulling certain groups alone.this political correct junk is gonna get some innocent persons killed !we know who the majority of people r doing it!but we let it go on! if an officer stops u and ur american n ur drunk u need to go to jail ! if u get stoped n ur not american. n don’t have proper id or licence u need to turn them over to i.c.e. !the reason why people r doing is they know they can get away with it!do we have to wait till innocent people get killed ? people that don’t respect our laws need to get off the road. more check points will even out the field. and not make it appear like one group is getting picked on. check points stop n frisk. the crime rate will drop so low we can have peace in our towns again.

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