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On Friday, March 8, a man in a grey or silver Grand Marquis was reportedly involved in an alleged purse snatching in Bluffton. On Saturday, March 9, a man matching the same description and driving the same type of vehicle reportedly stole a purse from a victim in the parking lot of Publix on Lady’s Island.

After to the thefts, the vehicle and a woman were captured on video surveillance footage usin0g allegedly cards from the stolen purses. Authorities believe these people to be the same suspects who reportedly used the credit cards allegedly stolen from a purse snatching downtown.

The woman seen purchasing items at the counter in the image is reportedly using a card allegedly stolen from the March 9 purse snatching at Publix on Lady’s Island. She may have a connection to Pooler, GA, Savannah, or Jasper County.

If you can identify her, or if you have any information, please contact Inv. Erdel at 843-322-7958, Inv. Carter at 843-322-7966, or the Anonymous Tip Line at 843-322-7938.

Please be aware that the recent rash of purse-snatching incidents are taking place at stores where women are either holding onto their purses or leaving them in buggies while loading items into their cars.


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